This is pure nourishment.

The best açaí bowls this end of the galaxy

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Our PBJ acai bowl. Our most popular item.
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Our Menu

Intentionally-crafted, fresh blended, lovingly-prepared flavor combinations to excite your tastebuds and leave you feeling nourished and ready for a beautiful day!

Our current menu as of Spring 2023
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our ethos

What is Pure Nourishment?

Learn more about what it means for us to make our food with Love & Concern for Humanity & Mother Earth

Our Ethos we call Pure Nourishment
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Want us to cater your next ocassion?

Corporate event?
Graduation party?
Your birthday?

Whatever the event, we're open to it!

We've got a variety of options to choose from including a Build-Your-Own Açaí Bowl bar, Banana Ice Cream bar, decadent sorbets, and other eats & treats.

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Our Mission

ENOUGH with the sugared up, watered down, cleverly marketed desserts disguised as health food.

What we make is actually-nourishing real food meals, lovingly crafted into artistic edible masterpieces.

We use 97% organic produce (only 1 item we can't currently source organic), local dates puréed for sweetener, zero artificial sugars/colors/flavors, and no ice in our smoothies or bowls.

All of our ingredients are also 100% vegan, as well as 100% gluten-free (except for our bread!)

We also house-make our granola and as many of our sauces, drinks, and other menu items as we can.

Our business was originally called Foxy Fruit, founded in 2016 by Cameo & Julie Wilson, a mother/daughter duo passionate about serving their community vibrant, delicious, healing food.

In 2022, best friends Alan Devine and Nathan Coury (founder of Freak Brothers Pizza) acquired the business to continue building on the strong foundation already laid & evolve the business to its next level of service to our community, our planet, and all beings.

Cameo is still involved (currently managing our social media) and will continue to help us stay in integrity with the roots of the unique brand her and her mom created together.

We are here to elevate this world, one meal at a time. And we invite you to join us in our mission.

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